I’m down for girl power and all but let me just say. If my baby Chris Hemsworth gets replaced by a woman in the next avengers movie I PROMISE I will not watch it.

Watch Mimi and Nikko do another tape talking about let’s make her madder smh

Why can’t they figure out this is Kate or Gerard ? It’s a “benefactor” paying people to kill werewolves with a list that has a password that’s Allison’s name? Gosh get it together !

Uh anyone else see wasnt one weight on that barbell Joseline was lifting?

What is the deal with kaleenas husbands beard?

I’m so done with you Mimi 10 thousand for a cover?

Scrappy look like he got dentures

Benzino get on my nerves he’s has this blue shirt on in the confessional since the show started but after he got shot he wearing the sling then he magically goes through physical therapy and gets to take it off. While he’s still in the blue shirt