Ariane say she’s going to accept Mimi’s relationship then goes and meets Stevie all of a sudden Nikko is a nothing ass nigga and comes to the conclusion Mimi needs to talk to Stevie to get over her hoeism. Does this make sense to anyone?


Scrappy’s like naaaaah bruh, you’re on your own.


The way Erica says “Imani” in that country accent ughhhh

I’m from the south too but I thought the child’s name was E-Money the way her and scrappy say it

Watch next week Nikko answer Mimi like. “Define truth” lol always giving stupid ass answers

Lmao oh my gosh scrappy running cause joc messing up

I would say kill Peter but he probably wouldn’t stay dead so let’s treat him like an annoying kid if you ignore it it will stop




I will cry a thousand oceans if derek dies I swear to god

-pinches the bridge of my nose- Peter can you not?